Launching our website

Thank you for visiting our wedding website. We decided to create a website dedicated to our wedding so we could share our excitement leading up to the big day with everyone we know. Having a destination wedding means some people who would like to attend will not be able to. So having a website helps to create a place where everyone can be part of the experience.

The website will be the focal point for all the information our guests will need when planning to attend our wedding. Information about the location, accommodation, and travel plans will all be available. We will also provide updates on activities leading up to the wedding.

The website will also be useful long after the wedding. We will be using the website to host all of our photos and videos captured during the wedding, meaning the website will act as a kind of digital photo album. This will be especially useful for all our guests and family from around the world.

Finally, the website will also be a place where we can share our thoughts about the wedding with all of you. We will both have a blog in the lead up to the wedding which we will regularly update.

Again, thank you for visiting our website. Please feel free to contact us and leave a comment.