Updated accommodation information with new rooms

Twinpalms Resort Phuket has released a new room type to guests of Michael & Chantelle’s wedding, following strong interest shown by guests in choosing Twinpalms for their accommodation.

Guests now have the option to book one bedroom Residence Rooftop Pool Suites, described as the ultimate in luxury accommodation. The three level Rooftop Pool Suites are opulence in its most extravagant form and feature 409m2 of indoor and outdoor living space, including a private 9x3m pool. Twinpalms are offering guests of Michael & Chantelle’s wedding more than 50% off the normal public rates for these apartments.

The release of the Residence Rooftop Pool Suites follows the early booking of rooms by guests of our wedding. Already eight Deluxe Palm rooms have been snapped up by guests, leaving only two of these rooms remaining at our reduced special offer price. And the two bedroom Residence Garden Pool Suite has already sold out. Although early days, Twinpalms recommends guests book accommodation as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Also updated on the accommodation page is the number of rooms available for each accommodation room type. You will now see the number of rooms available written in green next to each accommodation type. We have also added the cost of adding an extra bed to each accommodation type.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.